Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 45 Lots of work to do, Please help the missionaries!!

Thanks mom sounds like you had an amazing time ! 
Anyways so this week went by with lots to do of course! 

Martes: We Had a Mutli Zone meeting it went well for the most part I wasn't feeling to well but after lunch I was feeling better. We talked a lot about how we need to change our mind set , and have more faith ,which has definitely been helping me a lot. 

Miercoles: We had a zone meeting YAYYYY we had to give the capacitacion it went alright. Oh and before we had to wake up early to make the whole zone breakfeast 22 missionaries it turned out really well, and most of them enjoyed it! The meeting went well we talked a lot about finding ,more people to teach and now the Zone is becoming better which is awesome! Then we went to Visit the family with 5 boys and we taught the restauration which went well and then we invited the mom and the 2 oldest boys to be baptized and they accpeted , so that is awesome the only problem is we have to work with them to get married! ( Brett any advise lol ;) ) 

Jueves We went and visited the Fam Reyes which went well, also a Young Single Adult member. 

Vierenes : I had intercambios so I was in a different are but it went well , we were able to do some service in the morning by helping a man bulid part of his house which was cool ,and very humbling. Also we had some really good lessons , then we went to the church where they had a English class  and the teacher asked if I could help so I helped a little it was really cool because later he told me he was questioning on whether or not to have the class, then he got the impression that there would be a gringo missionary come this night even though there are two latinos in the ward, so that was way cool !!! 

Sabado: Well lets just say lots of walking and contacting , because we are still looking for investigators to teach it is so much easier when the members give us references so PLEASE HELP THE MISSIONARIES !!! 

Domingo: We had ward conference it went well there were great talks given , then we had good noche de hogar with the family Rojas, the FHEs here are really great ! 

Hoy : We went and visited this tourist attraction it is a church , super high in a mountian in Bogota it was way cool and I
was able to take some cool pics! 

Anyways I hope you guys have a great week , share the gospel with everyone!!!! ; and invite your friends to listen to the missionaries , and to all church activites!! maybe even a FHE!!!!! Thanks ,
I love you alll sooooooooooooo much ,
Elder Strong

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