Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 44, I met a family with 5 boys

Okay so this week in Chia ...
Martes: I had intercambios with E Lopez he is really awesome he is from Chile , and he is one of the distirct leaders . He is really a great missionary and him and his comapnion are great examples for the whole zone!!!They were even  able to have a baptism this Saturday! It is such a blessing to have missionaries like them in our zone. 

Miercoles: we had our district meeting which went well , we talked about having a positive attitude always, then later in the day we had a person call us saying how he wanted to recieve a lesson . He is a convert , so we were able to have a lesson with him and then he even made it to church on Sunday.

Jueves: We had Concilio ( council) in Bogota it is were all the Zone leaders meet to discuss what the mission needs,then we also recieve counsel  from the president on how we can help our zones become better, It was really great , a little long but  I learned a lot! I also was able to talk with E Lindley for a while because he is Zone Leader too!!Then I guess they go to the temple afterwards but I didnt know that and niehter did my Comp so we didn't end up going , but next time for sure!!

Vierenes: We had intercambios with Asistentes del President , it went well, I was able to visit the mission office for the first time so that was cool. We didn have very much success in the afternoon but later in the night we were able to have 3 awesome  lessons where we felt the spirit super strong so that was cool. I also have to carry a rock in my pocket all day because there were a lot of dogs, that would try to attack us , then at night we had Dominos!!

Sabado: We recieved a call the other day from a menos activo,. I guess he has been trying to contact the missionaries because he wants to come back , and he wants his kids to be baptized. His wife isnt a member, and she is really skeptical about  the church , but after having a lesson with them we were able to help her understand more about the church, then they were able to make it to church on sunday so that was awesome, and their kids loved it!They have 5 boys all younger than 11 years, it is like our family jaja super cool they are really awesome !!

Hoy: we didn't do much we cooked lunch in the house, then I wrote a few letters, but that was about it.

I recieved the package it is really great, thank you so much!!:) 

I hope you guys have a wonderful
week with work soccer school, church and everything else!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Strong

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