Friday, September 4, 2015

Week 43 Zone leaders work hard!

Thank you so much mom ; sounds like you had a pretty good week. Did Seth get a chance to check out USU? Yeah the Sabbath Day is a super big deal here!! But still there are alot of people who don't really follow it which is kind of sad. 

Okay so this week in Chia, not China jaja,
Martes, I was super tired from everything, traveling in all, but right way we went to work with a meeting with all the Zone leaders, I guess we have a meeting with them every Tuesday wich is crazy! Then from there we had a few lessons , one with family Rojas they are super awesome recent converts, but we are helping with thier goal to go to the temple. Also there little boy , calls me Elder HULK, because Apparently I look like the actor who plays the part in the hulk movies, so that is kind of cool.

Miercoles, we had reunion de distirto luckily we aren't in charge of that which is good a little time to relax. But then I had intercambios with Elder Reyes, he is really awesome he is prretty new in the mission , but he is very obiedent and has desires to work . So that was awesome to see he is going to be an awesome missionary. 

Juves, Suprise... we actually did our weekly planning together , POR FIN !!! , so that went well, then the Bishop`s wife bought us Hambergurs, and chocolate hershy bars which were good. then we went to visit a menos activo ,  he wants to come back but , has trouble because he works Sundays, so we are helping him with that. 

Viernes, We had another intercambio( I think i have more time out of my area then in my area jaja) Anyways I was able to go with E Guananga , he is really cool he has like one cambio mas que yo. But it went well we had a lot of good lessons, and in the night he made really good food , because he was a chef for a little bit before the mission.

Sabado. We went to visit the mom of Hna Coni to give a preisthood blessing which went well then we were able to go give service to them by helping them clean out a shed it was fun. Also I was able to talk english because , Hna, Coni lives in Utah. So that was cool. There are actually quite a few people in this area who know some english. 

Domingo : we had church, this ward is super big, I don't think I will ever know everyones names. But they are really nice here and friendly so that is awesome , but I had to say like 4 prayers because I'm  knew jaja.  Also there is a young man that is getting ready to leave for his mission , and he came with us all day yesterday to visit people, so that is awesome , he is super cool! 

Anyways so we have another busy week , full of meeting , and inetercambios, and everything else , it is so crazy to be Zone Leader, lots of work, but Im learning a lot of new things. 

My companero is really cool , very helpful , and is willing to anwser all my questions so that is good. Anyways I hoep you guys have a great week , I love you all so much!! Good luck to Josh and Kayden! Also is jacob doing swmming ? And Seth less than a Month how cool!!!
 con mucho amor,
Elder Strong 

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