Thursday, October 8, 2015

Week 47

Thanks mom for everything , sounds like things are going super well in Chico , that is crazy that you ran into Daniel you totally need to invite him to general confrence!!! Also it is great to hear about Seth or should say Elder Strong getting ready to go serve for 2 years he is going to be the best missionary ever!!! Also that is way cool that everyone is doing well in school and in church! Oh i finally bought your birthday gift mom , even though it is a little late , I should be sending it next pday , with some letters!

Anyways so this week in Colombia.....

Martes: We had the leadership meeting with the district leaders which went well we talked a lot on humility because right now there has been a lot of pride in the zone. Then Later I went with Elder Maldonado who was born in Chile but moved to the US when he was three, it was awesome to be with him, we had a great time , plus he likes to work hard and loves the people , which is awesome , he helped me learn a lot. Oh and we also were able to speak english so that was cool! 

Miercoles, we had our district meeting , one of the sisters is leaving tomorrow to go home , but she was able to have two baptisms right before she left so that was great! Also My comp became super sick with a super bad cold , he had shivers and everything, but we still went teaching even though it wasn't to effective.

Jueves: Well with a lot of baptismal dates , I had the opportunity to have my first baptism interview it went alright, and took a long time but after everything was taken care of , we both left with a smile on our faces, and we even took a picture together. He is young man , but super great, and was able to be baptized friday! Then after the interview we had to catch a  bus to Bogota to have more interviews , with a family , which went well , except the dad had a small problem so we told him that we should wait , so the baptism will be for the next week hopefully , because it is a family of 5 and they are really great! . Then we stayed the night with other Elders and ate pollo, because it was late when we finshed.

Viernes : In the mornig we had donuts, then came back to Chia were we had a lesson with J_  and now he is offically rescued ! Then we had to go to Tocancipa to have two more interviews which both went well!!!Then came back to the noche de barrio (ward activity) which pretty failed because only like 10  people showed up!!!! Que Vaina con el barrio! 

Sabado : went well at the beginning we had a few lessons , one with J_ and his family they accpted a baptsim date for 24 de oct. then after the lesson i wasn't feeling to great , please skip the next part if you don't want to hear details...... .................. anyways I started to throw up in the street , it wasn't at all pleasant but then I felt a little better , so we had one more lesson then after that lesson once again in the street !!!! Que asco! but now I feel better, I think it was from driking water out of the tap the night before because we didnt have water , and I was thristy, but I learned my lesson! 

Domingo went well , not to much happened , one  of the members of ward  is leaving to Mexico today for his missiona so that reminded me of Seth so that was cool. 

Hoy: we went to the waterfall and just messed around taking pictures , then went to eat lunch wiht the Family R_ which was good ! 

Anyways I hope you guys have an amazing last few hours with Seth , and that all goes well , and hopefully there wont be too many tears. Jacob looks like the responsbility is yours to be a good example for all the younger brothers , but I know you will do great. Anyways scripture for  this week, Alma 58:40. 
love you all so much have a safe flight seth , and send me your email so we can keep in touch,
Elder Strong :)

ps advise for Seth just lose yourself in the work! 

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