Thursday, October 8, 2015

Week 48

Wow it is great to hear about Seth, He is going to be an awesome missioanry! I cant wait to hear all about his experinces. And that is awesome that you have opportunities to share the gosel too, it is super important as members of the church that we share and do our part in missionary work. Every Memeber a missionary! :) 

Anyways so this week went alright ....

Martes: we did a big service project for one the memebers so that was fun, I love doing service , I really which I could just do service all day rather than teach but I guess both are equally important, but serving is awesome!

Miercoles : was probably are best day with lessons, we had a few great ones , and even one of them , said he is ready to be baptized, but he has a problem smoking , so we are working with him on that, but he is really excited! Then as we were walking to our next appointment we passed a lady in the street and then she called us back and asked if we were missionaries. We found out that she is less active but wants to come back to church, only she works saturdays so it is a little hard for her, and she has been   struggling with some challenges with money, but now we have an appointment with her later this week. But it was a huge blessing from God! Then we had a lesson with J_ and his family , we talked about the Sabath day , but unfortunately they weren't able to make it. I dont know but it is so hard to get people to come to church! 

Jueves: we had to go to Bogota to have interview, which went well he passed, and then their family of 5 was able to be baptized on Viernes!!!, Then we stayed the night with the other Elders because it was late, so we ate chicken again! Im getting really tired of chicken and rice everyday! Anyways in the morning we helped clean their house which was a huge mess , but now it is way clean!!! Then we came back and claned our own house. Then we had a lesson with J_, and a few other less actives.

Vierens: it rained a ton , so contacting didnt go so well , so we went to visit some families in the ward and were able to get a few references to visit so that was good. 

Sabado: was super good because ofGENERAL CONFERENCE !! I wasnt really able to watch the 1st session that well because we tried to watch it in english but it wasnt downloading fast enough , so we eventually had to watch it in spanish, which isn't as great , but hey I  Guess I get more practice with my Spanish :) My favortie talk from Satuarday was by Lawerence something like it. But he talked about how we can progress , or what is keeping us from progressing. Also for lunch we had ribs !!!

Domingo: It was also great , the talk form Holland was really great! then for lunch we had tacos and ice cream the best!!!Oh also it was cool to see the new Apostles  and hear them share their testimony super cool! 

Ayer: we were super busy because it was cambios so we had to make sure everybody knew where they were going and where they had to be at certain times , it was a little stressfull but we got through it, but next cambio is going to be worse because , I will be doing eveything by myself , since my comp leaves to his house before then. 

Anyways i hope all is going well , back at home and everything,and yes I got the package and letter from the Guymons , tell them thanks for me , and I have a letter for them that im sending in a you all so much!! 
Elder Strong El Mayor ;) 

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