Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week 52 one year!!!! I love my mission, and serving the wonderful people of Colombia

Wow sounds like a fun Halloween well , I guess not for jacob, poor guy , but I hope he is feeling better now.Kayden definitely got his soccer skills from me just saying I taught him everything he knows jaja. And how that is awesome that they are going to play basketball and Jacob, will he try out for the Freshmen team? Yeah it is a weird feeling I dont feel like I have been here for a year , I feel like I'm still fairly new to the mission to be honest, it is a wierd feeling, but I will definitely make the best of it!That is awesome that Jacob is excited for the Musical it was definitely a great experience!! Yeah I did get my package thanks you so much for the sweaters, the tie , and the christmas tree is super awesome too! 

Okay so  this week in COLOMBIA...

Okay so Tuesday: Well we had our weekly meeting with all the leaders in the zone which went well. Then we did a lot of planning for the Zone conference that we had the following day. Then we went to visit some people that we contacted the other day , but we were never able to make conatct with them, until this day, we went to the house , and knocked on the door, but earlier in the moring we were talking about how we need to believe more that God will help us in everything, so as we knocked on the door there was no response, so I told my comp to call her , and then I was like "I believe, I believe" the phrase from polar express, and then out of no where we walked up the street to her house , and we were able to have a lesson with her and her family, and now we have 5 new invetigators! 

Miercoles: so we had our zone meeting , before the meeting we cooked the whole zone breakfeast which went super well! Then the meeting was a lot about obedience, because with the new mission president some missionaries are taking advantage of the rules, but we had a super great conference, and the spirit was super strong, now I just hope the missionaries can continue to stay this way! 

Jueves: So we had intercambios with the Asistants, which went well, I was with Elder Calaway, I dont know if you remember him but he was my Zone leader in Bucaramanga,. So that was really cool to be able to work with him again after like 4 months. Also one of his areas was Chia , so we were able to contact some of the people he use to teach so that was awesome , definitely a blessing from the Lord!!

Viernes: My comp had to go to Bogota for a meeting, so I went with another Elder back to Chia to work, we had an alright day but most of it we were busy planning the activity for that night , and I feel like every one who was in charge of something canceled on us last minute, but it all worked out in the end, and it was a huge sucess!!

Halloween: So Halloween is basically the same here , the kids go door to door asking for candy everyone dresses up in costumes and everything it is super cool , it is almost identical to the US , but in spanish. So the phrase is " Quiero paz , quiero amor, quiero dulces por favor" it is kind of catchy, I think I will use it when I come back to the states jaja:) 

Domingo: we went with a priest who is preparing to serve a mission, his call should be coming in March but it was really great, to go on visits with him, plus it was the last day my Comp E Herbas, was here, so we made the  most of it, even knocking on doors jaja, but it went really well. Oh and now I have to give a talk Sunday on Joy , so we will see how that goes! 

Lunes we packed my comps stuff up , then we went to Bogota to wait for my comp to arrive , my new comp is e Chavez , he is from Colombia, so he can help me with my colombian spanish! He is great, really obedient so that is good!

Anyways I hope all is going well back home in the States, and that you guys can enjoy the holiday season that is coming up, and everything else!
Love you all ,
Elder Fuerte

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