Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Week 53

wow sounds like a crazy week that you guys had , Im glad that jacob is doing a lot better , and that there wasn't a tornado or anything,that is cool that they had a baptism, and also about the light of the Son that is super great! 

So this week we did a lot of traveling back in forth to different areas helping the Elders that are leaving the mission and their companions to be with other missionaries as they wait a week for cambios to get their new companions. Also with the little time we've had in our area we have been working a lot with less active members , it way great to see some of them with deisres to come back and change. We even had 4 that came to church on Sunday. So lately we have had quite a few baptisms these last 2 weeks 7 in our zone, so that was awesome , 4 of them from the sister misionaries in our ward, and they are going to have 4 more this month! Anyways Monday we went to a salt mine which was pretty cool and excitng, then we ate buffalo burgers which were good.
sorry it is kind of short , but I love you all so much, keep up the good work , share the gospel with everyone , and be an example of the believers ,Love,
Elder Strong

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