Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Week 56

Wow sounds like a crazy busy and exciting week. Hunting so lucky , and thanksgiving , and football , how so great ! 

Okay so this week in Colombia. 

Miercoles : we went to tabio which is kind of in the mountians because we had  lunch with a member it was super cool and way peaceful , and reminded me a lot of  home , and plus they live in the country so that ws a little  piece of home :) 

Thanksgiving. Well lets just say it wasn't the best thanksgiving , but Im truly thankful for my comp and for all that God has given me, because in the moring while we were planning , I was looking back on the people we have been teaching and realized many of them arent progressing , and so then I began to cry , thinking all my work for the past 3 months here has been for nothing, and then dark thoughts entered my mind , and I was questioning myself why am i here if Im not doing anything , if they arent progressing , so my comp helped a lot  by telling me to relax then he told me something that I cant forget, Elder Strong ... go pray to God ... only he can truly help you. At first I didnt want to because of my pride, but after crying for about another 20 mins I went to the back room and prayed. I didnt have a super big experience or anything , but it did bring a sense of peace to my sorrowed soul, which is what I needed. 

Friday: Well my comp and I were both struggling spiritually these past few days and Satan has beeb getting at us putting doubts in our minds, so went to the MPs house where we were able to talk with him for  a little bit , and he  shared a great scripture with me in Alma 8 :14 ,15 ,16 which went really well , also my comp gave  me a great section to read in D&C 31 
later in the night we had an activiity and we watched Meet the Mormons which was great even if we didn't  have a great turnout it still went well which is wierd , because in the CCM we watched  it for thanksgiving also, so that was cool.

Saturday : T_ had his Bday which went super awesome we passed by to eat cake , and we shared a message with them , then I gave him a car with Hulk on it , because he calls me Elder Hulk jaja , so that was awesome, then we had to go to Bogota to interview!

Sunday: Well lets just say God answers prayers, because we have been praying so hard that this family of 7 could come to church , and they all came plus some of our less actives to it was way awesome , and to top it off Elder Godoy was there too! He talked a lot about the Sabbath day, it is a really big deal right now here in Colombia!!!

Today : we went and climbed a mountian with the district which went well .

Anyways thanks so much for the email , ; IM so thankful for the family I have to support me, and Im very thankful to be serving the Lord to bring other families togther! I love you all so much have a great week!!!
Elder T. Strong

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  1. Keep up your great work, Elder Strong! You are making a difference in so many ways that can't yet be seen. Love, the Chuns