Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 57

thanks mom for the email it is really great to here about everything back home , and Im glad all is going well , even if you did get in accident ( was it with the car or the suburban?) jaja Anyways that is awesome to here how good the PV soccer team is doing , and that you are all enjoying the christmas season! 

Anyways so the start of chirstmas season here in colombia..
Martes ,well nothing to exciting happened , we had a few good lessons this day.

Miercoles: Well we had our district meeting , we talked a lot about the importance to be submissive and humble , so that was good , and than we had a  traditional dish from Ecuador which was good , and then we made  smores jaja super awesome !!We had a really good lesson J_  one of the less actives in our ward , we are really working with her husband and duaghter , because they aren't  members, but we watched the videos ha nacido un Salvador , so that was really cool to kick off the Christmas season!

Jueves: we had concilio with President, which went well we talked a lot about the story of Nephi , and how , at first all of Lehis family had faith to leave to the wilderness  even Laman and lemuel , however when trials came , the differnce was Nephis faith grew while , the others like Laman , diminshed litlle by little , so that was really interesting! I wasnt feeling to well , from being in meetings all day , but the next day I felt beter.

Viernes : was super interesting, so we had a good day conatcting in the street also we met a family that was reference give to us by a joven , they are really great , and want to learn more , they bascially want to learn, more from the example thet this young man from the church , he showed so that was cool .You  never know who is watching your example! Well also this day we were attacked by a dog which was super intense. My Comp fell down on a bunch of bricks , and bruised his tail bone , I managed to hit the dog with my scripture bag, and then my comp , with a brick , and my comp has phobia of dogs, so that even made it worse , but in the end , niether one of us was biten . How ever the lady who was an investigator , doesnt want us to come teach her anymore , because we hit the dog :P oh well , you win some you loose some. 

Sabado: not much happened because my comp can barely walk so most of the time we were in the house , we did have a good mexican lunch from the members! 

Domingo : was good to hear the talks , but after church once again in the house , because my comp cant walk , but is getting better. 

Hoy : well we didnt do much , we went to the church , where i played soccer by myself while my comp wrote letters to his family , then we went back and I slept for about an hour which was great . 

Well I hope all is going well back home , and that you can all find ways to serve others this chirstmas season ,and share , the message of the Savior , with everyone! I love you guys so much , also thanks you so much for the package , I really enjoy it ! 
Have a great week !
Love ,
Elder T. Strong

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