Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Week 55

From: Tyler Strong <>
Date: November 24, 2015 at 3:03:59 PM PST
To: Sandi Strong <>
Subject: Re: Weekly update
Wow sounds like things are going just great back home, sorry I didnt  write yesterday , it is because we switched our pday for today to go to the temple as a zone. Which went rather well the Temple was amazing and to be there with all the zone it was  even better, I was definately able to feel the spirit so strong, and well it was just a great refresher in general.

Okay well, Miercoles we had  our  district meeting which went alright, we talked about contacting and finding new people to teach which is not one  of my strong points, but you guys no that , being not the talkative type, but all vamos poco a poco. 

Jueves went alright kind of a slow day in reality, we did our weekly planning which went good , and then the people came to install curtians for the apartment , well lets just say it took quite a while like 4 hours to do all that , but the lady who does it all is miembro , and she was nice enough to invite us out to lunch , since we didnt have lunch that day so that was great. Also there was a lot of rain it was pouring cats and dogs here which was crazy, but cool , luckily the curtians saved us from getting to wet this day jaja. 

Viernes , we had a lesson with J_and D_ , which went really well , and the Spirit way strong ,the only problem is people have the agency to choose and well J_know it is all true and everything , on the other hand D_ doesnt want to believe and doesnt want to get married, so that was kind of bummer , so we will see how that goes , but right now not to great. 

Sabado went pretty well, we had a lot of good conatcts in the street one who had a dog the other , as we were making an agenda for our activity this Friday to watch  meet the mormons, and others contacts when we ate an arepa filled with queso , but they were all super great conatcs in the street so that was cool. Then during lunch it was super good, and the brother , was giving us advise about our lives after the mission jaja , that was interesting .

Domingo. we had stake confernce which went really  well it was great they talked about everything , from the importance of the roles of mothers , and how great of a Role the women in the church  play, also about the Sabath Day, and also about the importance on every member a missionary. and they share a really great phrase from Elder Bednar about how the missionaries are full time techers and member are full time finders so that was really cool , so I hope you all back home are trying to find others who need the gospel.

I love you all so much have a great week ; share the Gospel,
Also an  obedient mormon is happy:)
Elder T. Strong

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