Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 39 communication is key!!

Thanks Mom for the advise , this week went a ton better in terms of things with my relationship with my Comp it was a lot better , I'm trying to focus on the things he does well , and remind myself that I'm not all that perfect in the eyes of God. So that has been helping me alot also I am talking a lot more with him , which has helped my Spanish too! 

Anyways this week in Colombia ...

Martes: we went to a restaurant for lunch I really don't like them here, but alright nos toca a veces. Then we had a couple of good lessons , then as we were leaving one , my pants got caught on a piece of metal sticking out of the wall tore a huge hole in my pants like 6 inches, so those pants are basically ruined.

Meircoles : I woke up feeling horrible during the night I had chills then a fever then chills again it was awful and pain en todo lado de mi cuerpo, dolor en la cabeza e en el estomago, y no tenia apetito para nada! But we had a Reunion de distrito so I had to go to that. But I was really not feeling well at all.Also in our meeting we basically had a Invetory as district because there have been a few issues mostly between our leader and the Hermanas, but it was over dumb things and after a hour or so they got it taken care of. Then we had our English class which my Comp taught because I was still not feeling well, so that was nice of him, then I bought everyone who showed up a small chorro , but they didn't  seem at all appetizing to me because I was sick :p  

Jueves : I was feeling worse on this day so  we didnt teach at all but we went to our meeting with our ward mission leader , then back to the house and I went to bed at 7 also I have been spending most of my money this week on Gatorade jaja.

Viernes: Feeling a lot better, we had lunch in the Mountians with the seminary teacher , she is way awesome , and wants the best for the youth. 

Sabado: My comp woke up early and we were able to study it was super awesome!!!!! Also for lunch we had lasanga , and dessert okay it was jello but it was really good! Oh and while I was sitting in my chair studying my plastic chair broke ! I must be getting bigger jaja, and gaining weight. Lol

Domingo : in church they talked a lot about Family home evening and how important it is , and also how we should have a family consejo (council) before to find out what are family needs and then have family home evening to meet certian needs of the family members so I thought that was pretty cool ! 

Lunes: We played some futbol with a couple of jovenes who wanted to play on the same cancha , so we shared , and we won nbd jaja , but it was fun, then we ate lunch at subway , then got ice-cream so it was a pretty good day. 

I hope you guys have a great , week enjoy swimming and everything else , thanks again for all the support and prayers they really do make a difference ! I love guys stay safe , have fun share the gospel ! 

love ,
Elder Strong:)

1Feeling better
3 peace when reading scriptures
5church talking about FHE 

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