Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 40 I love Sunday's

Thanks Mom you are the BEST !!!! Lava
 beds were so much fun , that was a great activity, and I was just thinking about how Bishop Meyer shared the scripture in Genesis where God created the light. He had all of us shut our lights off, so it was super dark, that was way cool and spiritual! I understand how Jeremy feels jaja sometimes I wonder the same thing , but they really need it. I also Heard Jeremy had a baptism so cool!!! Way to go kayden I knew you could go to your primary class. Bien Hecho !!! :) It I hope she can work things out and be baptized !Colton is getting married ? to who? that is way awesome !!

Anyways so this week was interesting I guess really slow....

Martes: Well we basically didn't have any lessons until the night , where we visited a family who are members, the mom just got back from the hospital, where she had a big surgey, and is lucky to be alive because she lost 5 liters of blood! But before she got sick the other Elders were able to give her a blessing , and she has really great faith in the priesthood power so that was cool to see that miracle. Anyways later we had a lesson with Erika y Julio, which went well. Oh the day before we had a Noche de Hogar with like all of Erika's Family , there was a total of 15 of us!!!! And the bishop and his wife were able to come with us, it was so great! 

Miércoles: We had our district meeting, then after lunch we had an actividad where  we basically went to the área of the Sister missionaries to contact people because they are having trouble finding people to teach, so we went and did that until 5pm which wasnt the best use of time , but we did find some poeple that they can teach. Anyways so then we had our english class, which no one showed up to , so we are probably going to stop teaching it if no one shows up again. Then we had a Noche de barrio which was good.

Jueves: well no planning again because my comp slept in , I Guess he hasn't been feeling good, but he is not sick , he said he recieved some bad news, I asked if it was about his family he said no ,but didn't   tell me what it was. So I dont know what to do. Because he sleeps really late , and goes to bed really late. So anyways my morings are basically the story of tangled , where she cooks , reads , cleans , and does everything she can possibly think of, lets just say my bathroom is pretty clean :p 

Viernes: Erika is sick with the mosquito disease, which has been going around , I think I had it a week ago. Then in the night we had the show de talentos which was cool , so we were in charage of somehting but we didn't plan on anything , but luckily some had a guitar and my comp knows  how to play it so he played and I attempted to sing, but he only knows a few songs so we sang Photograph , well attempted to sing it . It didnt go so well , to let you know how bad it was , after we finshed a big storm came and then lighting struck and the lights went out, yeah it was pretty bad jaja :P 

Sabado we had a lesson with Soraida , she is really awesome and has a lot of faith , she knows the church is true, so hopefully she will be baptized in these upcoming weeks! Then we had a lesson with Family Peña which went well , they gave us really good pasta!

Domingo: So church started and we had like no investigators there, anyways during the sarament hymn Erika y Julio showed up with basically everyone who was present at the Noche de Hogar the previous monday! So that was way cool to have all her family there , and they alll enjoyed it !They even stayed for all three hours! Also we had quite a few other ivestigators attend! Also Anderson Nuñez gave a talk and he brought a friend to church so that was awesome ! Also in Gospel principels we talked about the gifts of the spirit so of course being the only Gringo I had to talk about the gift of Tongues go figure jaja, but it was good. Then in Preisthood we had a really good lesson about the role of the Father and Mother .

Hoy: we did absoultely nothing we stayed in the house all day because my comp didnt want to do anything , so I watched all the seminary videos about the Old testament and D&C so that was interesting I actually learned quite a bit , or remembered a lot of things that my seminary teachers taught me , so that was cool , but I was really bored being in the house all day !!! 

Anyways I hope you guys had a better more intertaining day than I did . Also I hope you guys can find time to enjoy your last week of summer vacation !! Make it count! I love you guys so much thanks for all the support! :) 

Con mucho amor,
Elder Strong:)

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