Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 38 roller coaster week!

Trek is super awesome one of the greatest things I have experinced! I hope you like your new calling whatever it is , and Im sure you will do a marvelous job! And harvest hasnt even started yet jaja , good luck :) That is cool that Melanie and Johnny have the opportunity to work in the  temple for a few weeks,  that would be so cool. 

Anyways so this week has been a roller coaster ride in Colombia...

Martes Lots of Rain like all day, then we had a lesson with S* which was good he only needs a few more lessons and he has a baptism date for the 8th of august. Also we finally made conatct with a less active family, they are really awesome and have desires to come back to church but the dad works as one of the head policeman so he works Sundays as well, so that is a little hard. Anyways they have a super crazy dog that literally bounces off walls and runs off the couches , and it is like the littlest dog ever so that is kind of funny.

Miercoles: We had a district meeting, then later in the day went to visit the family B* but we couldn't go in because her spouse wasn't home , but we ended up giving her a blessing outside her house because she has been feeling sick. Then we went to the church to teach english which went alright definitely not my favorite thing to do pero bueno.Then we had a Noche de bariio which the Elders Quorm was in charge of but like usual no one showed up from the Elders Quorm so luckily the single Adults helped out and explained Lehi's dream so that was good.

Jueves : After lunch we had a lesson with a less active , and A* was able to come with us, and now he is officially rescued too!!! The Family N*  is one step closer to the Templo!!! :) I love that family they are super awesome !

Viernes: We had interviews with the President which went super well , he is way nice and helped me alot, he basically told me to keep leading by example and all these things it was good! I was glad I could talk with him. 

Sabado: a lot of stress!!!!! So we didn't end up leaving the house until 2pm because , the other Elders had a meeting in Bucaramga , But luckily at lunch it took a little bit of stress away. So later we had a lesson with a young man but he is very strong in his own beliefs in recarnation. and he is over obsessed with animal rights, so we didn't really get far with the lesson , because most of the time he was talking about how everyone should be vegetarian, but we will see God works mircales! :) Also Pidecuesta is celebrating its cumpleaƱos this week , so there is a big party in the central park every night filled with people and we have to go through it like every night , but we have been safe. 

Domingo: We had a huge almurezo (lunch) almost couldn't eat it all, but I did , I had to take the dessert to go becasue I was too full jaja. Then we went to church which was really good lots of peace , which I needed! 

Scripture: Alma 22:15 ( what are we willing to give up from the world to come closer to God?) 
 Anyways I love you all so much have a great week enjoy your last month of summer , make the most of it ! keep being awesome examples to your friends and everyone around you! 
Love , 
Elder Strong

Ps Mom In my next package I would like ties that are cheap , so that I can give to people who don't have ties , also deoderant and tooth paste. 

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