Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 37

Sounds like not that great of week for those who got sick I hope you all feel better fast. I am also glad that Mom survived twilight camp! jaja :) Trek is this week. Jacob and Seth will have such a great experience. That is one of the best experiences  I have a had in my life,I for sure got a stronger testimony. So you guys are switching to Chico 1st Ward that is crazy but that is cool that Bishop Meyer will still be the Bishop. the Young men will be blessed to have great leaders and examples! Tell bishop I would love some of his Candy from his office , I miss sundays in class just talking about the Gospel and eating Candy jaja. And Seth spend more time with the Fam, that is definitely one of my regrets I wish I would of took advantage of before I left, so learn my mistakes and enjoy the family! 

Anyways so this week in Colombia....

Miercoles: Lots of Patience with my Comp so it was the one of  first days of the new Cambio and  we had a zone conference so we had to leave early like at 8:30 from our house to recharge are bus cards , and then meet our district, and what time did we leave the house thats right at 9:05 Pailas!!! So we were almost late to the meeting , but luckily a miracle happened and we made it exactly when it started. Anyways the meeting was all on Unity with our companions. Well lets just say I think God was talking to me! 
We didn't have a single lesson this day 

Jueves well my Companion got up for comapnion study , but right after he went back to the room , I thought he went to use the bathroom , but when I went to check on him I found him sleeping , so we didn't have time to do our weekly planning that day. Anyways we did have a good lesson at the end of the Day with Erika y Julio they are working on getting married so that is aweome! 

Viernes : We had a lesson in the morning with a security guard , Then we passed by to see how Erkia was doing and to inform her about a new job,because she is looking for a job. Anyways we were able to share a video with her about having children in the gospel , because she had a question about it. Then it started to rain so we went to a recent converts apartment they just moved in the Ward but still haven't been to church so we had a good lesson with the bishop about alma 47 one of my favorite chapters in the book of mormon. 

Sabado: I woke up sneezing a ton , I have a small cold but not too bad, anyways we had lesson with the family Saurez they are super awesome references from members and they love the church, and everything about it ! 

Domingo: So there were alot trucks honking their horns because I guess it is some Catholic hoilday here in Colombia , in church the talks were on indexing and family history work, then after all of it Julian, a Young man opened his misión call , and he is going to Brazil so that is way cool he is an awesome Young man one of my really good Friends here he will make a great missionary , I gave him a tie , which he wore Sunday ! Also they talked about Marriage and the family in Priesthood , Que Trunky!! Ya tanticojaja, but it was good because Hno Núñez gave the class. Also after church it was raining super hard my suit got soaked , and the calles were like ríos , super tenas! But I survived so no se preocupe :) 

Hoy : you know it we played Futbol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which was awesome , also there was a man visting from Salt lake because he lived here until he was twelve then went to the US , but it was cool I was able to talk with him for a while about the things that are different between the two countries, and we were able to talk in english jaja.:) 

Anyways I hope you guys feel better and have a better week. Also the spinner there are strings in side them and you wrap it around the spinner and through it at the ground , you can look on YouTube and see if you can find a video that can help  you, all the kids play with them here its like yoyos to them , so hopefully they can figure it out ! :) Im glad that you got the package though! :) Have a great week love you guys.
Elder Strong 
Scripture Alma 47 relate to tempations :)

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