Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 35 we had a great week!

Wow that sounds like quite the week there , that is super crazy , and hopefully Kayden will be able to recover fast , so he can swim and do all that fun stuff ! At least did he learn to be more obedient ? jaja? Campiing and hiking sounds like a fun weekend ! And fourth of July too! And Dads Bday!!!

Anyways so another week in the Work of  the Lord...

Martes: I had intercambios with Elder Lindley our District leader, when I first met him I didn't really like his personality, but now he is like one of my best friends , and I can talk to him with about anything , and just get a lot of stress out, so that is really good to have a friend like him in the mission, he also gives a lot of really great advice , and he is a great example to me. So that was good to have a day with him. Gringo POWER !!! Jaja 

Miercoles: We had a Reunion de districto  it was good , then we had a lesson with C*  and she is so excited for her baptism she moved it up to this coming Saturday Im so excited for her and her choice to follow Jesus Christ !! Also we went and visited E* and she was telling us how the night before she was hearing noises in  the house , and the next moring there were chairs moved and the shower water was dripping , she and her sister are convinced their is a wierd engery in their house , then she continued to tell us all these stories about spirits and things and I was trying to catch on to what she was saying because she speaks fast and a lot , and then my comp yelled and grabbed my leg and I jumped like 5 feet in the air :P that was kind of mean , but we were all laughing.

Jueves we did a lot of walikng , but we went to talk with Anderson and he is starting to work on his mission papers and he wants to go on more visits with us !!!! Super chevere !!! 

Viernes Feliz Cumplamos to Dad also I helped and old lady carry a large potted plant so that was cool, then we had a lesson with los vecinos de J* which was cool , but we had a bit of tech problems but eventually we were able to watch the video of the first vision. And they accepted our invitation to read the book of Mormon so that was goood!

Sabodo Fourth of July !!! I Was starting to get sick , plus I was beginning my fast  ; so Chile one the Copa America in penalty kicks my Companion ( Agrentino) wasn't to happy about that jaja. Also went over to J* house to give her mom a blessing because she was feeling sick and we were able to share a small message with them , with J*

Domingo: Fasting , almost died of thirst , and sickness , super weak, luckily I could sleep a little longer , because we now have church at 2pm . Also Hno. I* N*came to our house seeing if he could borrow a tie and shirt for church that was cool . And all of his family came to church even his wife !! She has recommited her self to come back to church! Also the kids of Family A* showed up by them selves because their parents were working so that was awesome!!! 

Hoy: we played futbol with a bunch of the JAS and investigators, then we went bowling as a district , then we ate pizza at Dominos !!! I haven't had pizza for a while so that was awesome ; and playing soccer was super great too! 

Well I hope you guys have a great week , looks like Seth can focus a little  more on the mission for two weeks jaja, and I hope Kayden gets well soon ; also let me Know when we guys recieve a package !<
Love you all so much !,
Elder Strong :) 
Scritpure : Alma 13 : 3

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