Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 99

La Linde 
Well we paased by Tuesday and visited a less active family. It was actually really cool because when we got there one of the brothers was there with a big smile on his face and told us that he has been getting up every morning and has read the book of Mormon before doing anything else. And you could really see that he found a new joy! It was great and then he came with us to conference and really enjoyed so that was legit!

Well I have some good new and some bad news... ( If this is mom reading this only read ¨The Good News¨) 

Bad News: well some of my papers got lost in the mail to renew my visa, so I might have to stay like 3-5 months longers for the process to take place again! Well i guess this could be good news too! More time in the mission right? No broma, I just sent it to a wrong adress.

Good news: well I resent it and they recieved everything and it is all Ok so dont worry Mom I'm still  coming  home jaja :) but I was almost able to extend lol by obligation ;)

General Conference
I absolutely loved general conference! I was waiting to hear all about marriage, families, and temples, but nothing. I think it was just God´s way to remind me that I still dont need to think about those things right now lol:) But it was great I loved it so much. It was fun watching it with the other gringos. I even mad rice crispies which was the best! I think my favorite session had to be priesthood! It is always just so powerful and I feel they are always really direct and to the point! I really enjoyed Elder Uctdorf´s talk about Alma and Almulek, because I have never thought of that story in that way before, which was really inspiring for me! 

we went and bought some cool colombia things ,and well I can now say Im more colombiano que gringo jaja lol ;) 

Anyways Im looking forward to this week ; because if everything goes according to plan Ivan gets baptized this Saturday!!!! We could use all your prayers !:)
I love you all so much ; I hope you have a wonderful week! 

Elder Fuerte:)

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