Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 102 last week in the Cucuta, hard to say goodbye to such great people who have become my family away from family!

Okay well made here to Bogota after a long trip! It was really sad leaving Cucuta because I feel like I left family again! They really are a family for me. They made me give a farwell talk and everthing how cruel. But luckily I was able to fight away the tears. Later after church we went to visit Kevin and Ivan and their family. We had lunch with them and were able to spend some time togther before I left. They even took us to Terminal to drop me off. And on the ride to the bus station, they all said their last words of goodbye! It was really sad. And then saying goodbye was the hardest thing I have ever done! Kevin and Ivan were both crying, it was super sad! Im going to miss that family so much!!! 
  Anyways well my companion or old companion Elder Hildebrandt is trainning!! Can you say PODER? Im going to be an abuelo jaja :) And well Im with Elder Tipton right now finishing the mission like I started it jaja! Well not much else to tell you guys and I dont have a ton of time either but tomorrow we go to the temple and then thursday I'll be flying home:) I guess we will see each other soon! 
Love you all Elder Strong

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  1. Well done, Elder Strong, well done!! Sounds like you're leaving your mark in Columbia, as well as your heart. Love, Tawna Chun