Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 101

Thanks Mom for the Email.

Well too be honest I dont know what to write about becuse I lost my agenda so I dont really remember to much of what we did, and other bad news I lost almost all my pictures of Cúcuta:( 

Well lets see, we are starting to work more,with our recent coverts and helping them prepare to go to the temple and all that good stuff. The Jóvenes are going in December so I think Ivan might go with them that will be sweet because the temple is pretty far away from here almost a days travel! 

We also had our Zone conference this Wednesday my last one which was super sad especially when I had to give my ¨last testimony¨in the mission. I basically cried like a baby, but since I lost all my pictures I guess there is no Proof:). Anyways it was good we talked a lot about the book of Mormon and the importance of having a testimony to be converted to the Gospel so that was cool. And then later we had a cake tres leches!!!

Well we have a new bishop and we finally have a elders quorms president after 5 months so that is great, and Im glad my companion will be in good hands after I leave! That truly was a blessing ! 

Well today we had our Zone Activity
We played some Micro, ultimate Frisbee, watched 17 milagros, and ate dominos and also played some Ping Pong it was pretty chill! 

Well not to much else to say. This is my last week here in Cúcuta which is really sad, but Im going to give it my all and leave here with no regrets. Im definitely going to miss such a great place! It really has been the best 2 years! I think Im going to feel the same as when I arrived here in Colombia excited to start something new but sad to leave family behind. 

I guess we will be talking. I just want to thank you guys for all your support these past 2 years, and all the prayers and everything else that have helped me. Have a great week!!! I love you all!!!! 
Elder fuerte:)💪

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