Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 100

ThaNks Mom for the email...

well this email will probably be a little shorter because I dont have very much to say, but we will see....

Sick Again
Well this week I had a super bad cold! It was really annoying because my accent in spanish is bad enough without a  cold. And then came a bad cough i was just a mess at the beginning of the week but that is okay because after drinking lots of Agua Panela con Limón and also Miel con Limón Im doing a lot better now and The cough is gone so that is good news! :) Hopefully I wont get sick anymore ( Knock on wood cross your fingers) 

We had a Noche de Hogar with Hna Clara which went super well we talked all about missionary work and everything and now she is going to invite a ton of her neighbors to another NDH So that is legit! By the way how are you guys doing with your NdH? You should invite your friends over when you have the missioaries over and have one right then and there!! 

Well thank you all for your prayers they were definitely answered because Ivan made the decesion and was baptized this Saturday! Baptisms are always really stressful to prepare for because it seems like at the last minute a lot of things go wrong! But it is so worth it!! It was an amazing ceremony and I had the privledge of baptizing him so that was super great! Im so excited for him. He turns 18 in 2 weeks and he cant wait to serve a mission so that will be the best! Im so excited for him and his family. Speaking of which his Mom who isnt a member came and loved it! 

Tour of Cúcuta
Well today one of the members here offered to take us on a tour before I leave to visit cool sites here that we didnt even know existed! It was super legit we took tons a pics with statues, in the stadium, and lots of other things. Overall it was a blast. 

Well Im glad to hear all is going well back home! I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!
Elder Fuerte:)

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