Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 12 Jonathan came to church

Thanks for the update! Sounds like everyone is staying busy. I can't believe that Jared got the cleanest cabin award at shady creek. What is this world coming too. Josh, thanks! That means a lot that you said I was your hero, because when you are a missionary you are a superhero. Missionaries are Hereos because they are truly saving lives. Seth good luck with snowball, and Jacob you just need to shoot the ball more! Kayden did you go to class on Sunday? 

This is how my week went:
Martes - we studied a lot, then we went and talked to Maria about the importance of the temple, and what temples are for. She seemed really interested in learning more about the temples, so that is awesome. After our talk with Maria it started to rain so we went to Hermana Fanni's house and ate dinner. There was so much food I didn't think it would all fit on one plate. Then we met with Jonathan and had a recent convert go with us, and share his testimony which was super amazing and you could feel the spirit so strong.

Jueves was not that exciting, weekly planning and studying and washing clothes, always good to have clean clothes. 

Viernes- We went to Duitama to do service as a district that was fun it was like recycling on steroids, this lady had thousands of bottles. We then went on exchanges and that wasn't that great because I forgot my clothes and had to borrow some from my zone leader. The clothes were fine but the shoes didn't fit very well at all. My feet were pretty sore and tired at the end of the day. For dinner we had burritos so that was good. 

Sabado- we studied in the morning and then we had the baptism of Maria! She was finally able to get baptized. She was so happy, that she couldn't stop smiling­čśä. She bore her testimony, and we even sang a special musical number for her. After the baptism was over we went to a resturant and had fried chicken, it was so good! 

Domingo- Jonathan came to church!!!! That was huge, we have been trying to get him to come to church for a long time. He even canceled a trip he had planned to come to church. It is so cool to watch him exercise his faith and come to church. I wasn't feeling very good that day
So I drank this pedialyte drink to help me get better. I think it worked pretty well because I am feeling quite a bit better today. 

We haven't had much luck with a few of the families that we thought seemed pretty intersted in the gospel, but  we will continue to work with them! Thanks for all your love, support and most importantly thank you for all the prayers! I love you all so much! Keep being heros to all your friends in Chico and to all those around you! 

We had transfers today, I am staying with Elder Martinez here in Sogamoso, which I am very excited about! 
Love Elder Strong

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