Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 11 A taste of Mexico

Sounds like everyone is staying busy with school, basketball and church activities. I am glad that everyone is enjoying basketball, they should be playing soccer though. Sorry to hear that dad, Jacob and Jared didn't get to play in snow on their campout. I wish it would snow here, it has been really hot lately, and I heard this isn't even the hottest place in the mission. How is Seth doing? I am glad that you are able to go to the temple tomorrow mom! The temple is such an amazing place.

Alright on Lunes we met with Jonathan and showed him the finding faith in Christ video, which went well. Then afterwards we had some of his pizza, because he works at a Mexican pizza place. We ate Mexican pizza so hey Baily and Reilly I got a little taste of your food. Lol! I am not sure why Jonathan can never make it to church on Sunday when we show up to his apartment he is always gone, so that is frustrating.

On Martes we looked for a bunch of old investigators on a list we were given only to find out that half the addresses don't exist and the other half of the people don't live there anymore. So that day was pretty much wasted. Later that night we were able to teach an English class in our ward, that was nice because I was able to speak in English. I had to say the prayer in English. I struggled saying the prayer because for the last two and a half months I have been praying in Spanish. 

On miercoles we had a district meeting which was good. We talked about the ward council and compared it to the body how every part is important in the work of salvation. We also went with a member and found a less active member . Pacho seems super interested and wants to come back so that is cool. We also found another less active family they are super cool and still like the church, they still read their scriptures and everything. They just need to come to church, which we will be working on this week. 

On jueves we washed our clothes, always good to have clean clothes. We also gave two priesthood blessings, and later met at the church for ward council. 

On Viernes Maria set a date for baptism! She will hopefully get baptized this Saturday if everything goes well. 

Sabado we had a meeting in Duitama for leaders, so I got to hang out with Elder Tipton. Then we came back and talked about the importance of missionary work. Then we made Crepes that were super good! Oh it finally rained thank goodness , that made me happy, but we left the window to our apartment open so the floor got a little wet. Good thing we don't have carpet. Hermana Fanni this older lady in our ward gave us hot chocolate and Pan. 

On Domingo we talked about the importance of prayer. Then we had four lessons with members that was super cool to have members help us with our lessons. The members really do help when they come to our lessons, so I encourage you guys to help the missionaries when you can. 

Today on P-day we made tacos. I mean we made a lot of tacos. I ate 13!!!

That was our week here down in Colombia! I love you guys and keep up the good work! Please be good examples to all those you come into contact with! 
Love Elder Strong

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