Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week 6 finally out of the CCM

Alright, I am finally out of the CCM, and in the real world. I didn't end up staying in Bogota City. I am now serving in a smaller town in the Duitama area. It is pretty cool, a lot smaller than Bogota. It is about the size of Chico. It is pretty cool for the most part. My trainer is Elder Martinez. He is a pretty awesome missionary. He was born in Guatemala, but has lived in Provo Utah most of his life. He speaks great English, but we speak in Spanish the majority of the time so my spanish will improve. In our district we are the only Elders with two sets of Hermanas. My companion is the district leader. He has been out a while, and goes home in March. 
I had the chance to meet with my mission president, and he seems like a really cool guy. He is very enthusiastic about  for the work. 
When traveling to my new area, I was able to travel with Elder Tipton who was my companion in the CCM. The bad thing about it was that we traveled by ourselves and no other missionaries so we thought we might get lost. We arrived in Duitama area around 1 am. The first day in my new area we had a district meeting then we taught two lessons. I didn't really teach that much but said a few things here and there. For lunch we go to a restaurant everyday. It is alright. That night a group of missionaries sang Christmas hymns in the plaza, and then we did some contacting while we were there. We told them about the birth of Jesus Christ. 
There are a lot of dogs here. I haven't seen any big earth worms yet. I hope you all have a merry Christmas and remember the reason we have this holiday is because of the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. I love you all! Thanks for all your love and prayers! 
Con Amor, Elder Fuerte 

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