Friday, December 12, 2014

Week 5

This week has been pretty exciting, and full of new adventures with my new companion. My new companion is a Latino from Ecuador his name is Elder Galan. He is the district leader for our district which is cool. It isn't that difficult to communicate because he took 6 years of English in school. I asked him to speak to me in Spanish unless I don't know a word and need
some help. I feel like I have learned a lot more Spanish these last ten days or so. He has taught me more than I learned three years in high school Spanish. 
Our first fake lesson didn't go so well because it was his second day and I don't know a lot of Spanish. He pretty much taught the whole lesson, and I really didn't understand what was being said. I also didn't really feel the spirit during that lesson. We sat down as a companionship and talked about having more unity so we can be more effective in teaching our lessons. We have also practiced teaching our lesson and have got them to flow a lot better like Elder Tipton and I did. 
I was able to watch the Christmas devotional and it was spectacular. I loved it so much. I am grateful that Christmas is such a big holiday here, because I love it. After the Christmas devotional there were fireworks that went off in the city, probably after a soccer game because we are close to a stadium, nonetheless it was cool, and kind of a great end to an amazing night. 
I am a little behind in my Book of Mormon reading, I am in Helaman right now. I am trying to finish by the time I leave next week. Hopefully I can!
We had to do service on Tuesday. For service we just clean the CCM. I always seem to get stuck cleaning the bathrooms, maybe it is because I never cleaned them that well when I was home. So Seth, Jacob, Jared, josh, and kayden you need to help mom clean the bathrooms so you know what you are doing when you get on your mission.
I had the chance to go to the temple twice this week because I have a Latino companion. We get cereal for breakfast when we go to the temple so that is great. I love going to the temple because the spirit is so strong. I love the temples!!
We had the chance to go tracting again. It didn't go as good as it did the first time, I hope it was because it was raining. We only made two contacts but we were able to give out a Libro de Mormon so that was good. He seemed pretty interested from what I could tell by the conversation. The rest of the people we talked to seemed to be very catholic, and not interested in what we had to share. We tried and that's all that counts.
I have received your letters finally so keep them coming, I sure enjoy them! I also sent you a letter, hopefully you will get it before Christmas. I love you all so much. Keep being good examples, and good missionaries. 
Love, Elder Fuerte

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