Friday, November 28, 2014

Week two and three

Elder Strong is doing great! He says he loves Sundays the most because he can feel the spirit a lot more on Sunday. He also was able to listen to a couple of devotionals. In one of them he was taught that you can count the seeds in the apple but you can't count the apples in a seed. Relating to missionary work, that even if you plant a seed you have no idea how many apples are going to come from it. Then Elder Bednar, talked to them about is it the Holy Ghost or is it just me. Elder Bednar said in the end it didn't really matter, that we probably won't experience overwhelming feelings, and sometimes we don't even know why we are doing some things, but if we are worthy and clean, then every good thought is from God and we should act on it.
Elder Strong was able to go to the temple again, the temple in Bogota is really pretty, and he feels the spirit so strong in the temple. He says it is hard to understand in Spanish, but it still feels the same. He has also been doing a lot of praying and can definitely feel the difference in his life as he does so. 
They got to have a thanksgiving dinner down there. He was a little sad there was no turkey bowl. After dinner they got to watch Meet the Mormons, it is such a good movie he loved every minute of it. He said it was cool to see that the gospel is so strong all over the world, and that the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses the lives of everyone.
He said that the time he has felt the spirit the most is when a missionary who was getting sent home to fix some things bore his testimony, to tell them that he knows the gospel is true, and shared his thoughts with them. Elder Strong felt a sense of peace knowing that he is where The Lord wants him to be at this time in his life. Then another time is when a missionary sang a song that he wrote to his mom before he left on his mission it touched him so much it brought tears to his eyes, because he thought of his mom and how amazing she has been in his life and the love she has shown him.
They are going tracking tomorrow, and also a tour on Tuesday. He gets a Latino companion on Tuesday night. He appreciates all the prayers and support, please keep praying for him that the language will come a little easier to him.
Love, Elder Strong

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