Sunday, November 16, 2014

First full week in Colombian Missionary Training Center

We were super excited to hear from Elder Strong. He sounds like he is doing amazing down there. His companion is from Arizona. He was able to attend the Bogota LDS Temple, he had to wear headphones so he could understand what they were saying, but he was grateful for the chance he had to attend the temple, and gain a greater testimony of the importance of attending the temple. He said he would probably be able to attend the temple two or three more times before he leave the CCM. He said his scripture reading is going great, and that as he studies the scriptures, instead of just reading them, he is getting a lot more out of them. He has also started saying his prayers in Spanish. He also had to prepare a talk in Spanish, but was grateful he didn't have to give it.  He likened himself to Nephi in first Nephi, where Nephi says, " I will go and do what the lords commands, for I know that The Lord will provide a way for me to accomplish those things." Tyler knows he needs to rely on the Savior, and Heavenly Father, to do what they have commanded him to do. He says he prays a lot, more than he has ever prayed before.
 Last Sunday they were able to listen to some general conference talk on missionary work. He really liked one called the Divine call of a missionary. He would recommend if you have the chance to read it, do so. They also read more talks about missionary work. They were able to teach an investigator well actually a fake one, they taught him all in Spanish except for just a few words. He said that the spirit was strong when they were teaching. He loves being a missionary! We won't hear from him again until around Nov. 25. He said his P-Days are Fridays and Tuesday, but they are about 10 days between each P-Day.

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